The Evolution of Quality Port™

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Quality Port™, A Quality Management System for Everyone

Since 1993 QA International Ltd. has been receiving and reviewing the information from our Inspection and Testing reports. That is when our headache began. Organizing, sifting, collating, formulating etc…. it can seemingly go on forever. That is why the Founder of QA International Ltd. started on the original Quality Port™. In 1998 QAI created and implemented Quality Port™ as our main client interface. Scheduling and tracking inspection and testing requests. It stored reports, their data and allowed clients to create stat reports based on that information. However, like many intricate programs at the time, was not user friendly. Being one of the first with a Quality Management System we always knew that would be the trend to follow going forward.

Our Quality Management Systems Long Road through Development

2008 began the long development of several different Quality Management System prototypes. Each one surpassing the last. However, there was always one roadblock to achieving our final goals. Finding a quick and secure connection to our physical servers overseas. Switching focus, our team made the decision to work on the user friendliness of Quality Port™. The idea was to give complete control to the user. The data, as well as pictures, collected from our report format are easily uploaded. Uploaded reports are converted into PDF format and is shared with all parties necessary. What’s even better is Quality Port™ has the ability to take any data point from your reports and create a specific stat report to see what you consider the most important data first.

Our Quality Management System Quality Port™, can track your product from service request to finished report; capturing all the data you need to make the important decisions to protect your brand. Keep track of your defects per Supplier and/or Factory. Create a factory report card for each manufacturing location. Track what issues are occurring in which location. Quality Port™ has a Dashboard that hosts several “Widgets” Bringing data to the front page on login. The data collected during inspections and testing can play a vital role in how you manage your product’s future and performance.

Quality Port™ the Next Generation of Quality Management Systems

As we move into the digital age we need digital solutions, Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions. Quality Port™ is the: Quality Manager, Compliance Manager, Product Development, CEO, CFO and HR’s best friend, here’s why. If you have ever seen an inspection report you understand how long they can be. Dozens of pages of data, hundreds of pictures simultaneously sifting through thousands of emails. With Quality Port™ all the data you need is all in one place, what’s more is you can access it any time.

Every company is different and every company needs their own solution. Quality Port™ is customizable to ensure your data is consistent across the board. That way every department can be on the same page. The CEO, can keep an eye on their products from afar entrusting all teams are seeing the same data. The Quality/Compliance professional on staff can make smart decisions based off of real-time data from the factories and their products. The Quality Management System is HR’s best friend in part to all departments understanding their role. All the while the giving the CFO peace of mind knowing their quality efforts aren’t for nothing.

Rolling out Quality Port™, QA International’s Quality Management System

2022, QA International finally finished the rigorous testing our Quality Management System. Collecting so much data can be a chore. Defining, arranging and testing Quality Port™ was no easy task. Emphatically, TEAMWORK, like all good quality programs have, is what it took to create such a customizable Quality Management System. It really does take a village. Communication, Patience and Understanding is what it takes from all departments to reach the same goal.

2023, QA International is extremely proud and excited to FINALLY begin onboarding all clients for use of Quality Port™. Quality Port™ is our In-House design that assists any Quality/Compliance Professional, first time importer, CEO and online retailer. Tracking Products from beginning to end of production and utilizing all data from each point to give you even more confidence in you Brands/Products.

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