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3 Ways to Reduce Your QC Costs with Quality Management Systems

When running company the bottom line is on the top of every owners mind. The tough times come as do the tough decisions. In our experience we see that quality is usually one of the areas that people look to cut costs. Mandatory compliance and regulatory issues make it hard to cut testing costs. Overlooking inspections because they are not mandatory can be a costly mistake . Picking up the pieces when a team member leaves is never the way to manage such important quality measures. What’s the best way to make sure you don’t fall in that trap? Quality Management Systems.

Are you sure you have all the information they collected available to you? Do you know what items are up to date? Too many item #’s to sift through? When you hire someone new will they know where to start? These are all questions that a good Quality Management System is able to help answer.

  1. Using a QMS as a way to share data across all parties involved
    • Having and using a Quality Management System and the knowledge that is within should start from the very top. Data collected should be available to all who need to access it.
    • Reducing the time it takes for each division or group in a company to communicate their needs is a must. From spec to final result of an Audit, Inspection or Test conducted, it should be available to who needs it.
    • When the budget and timelines are tight, ease of finding the correct documentation is imperative.
  2. QMS makes training a new or seasoned quality hire a breeze
    • Seasoned hire on or training a first timer; with a proper Quality Management System in place makes transitions much smoother.
    • Drastically reducing time it takes to teach a first timer the ropes, it frees up management for other tasks.
    • Many Quality professionals already know what to look for to when undertaking a new position. Another reason why a Quality Management System makes lives easier.
  3. QMS as way to strengthen relationship between factories
    • With a Quality Management System managing many factories becomes easier.
    • A QMS is a way for companies and their teams to replicate the same process with more than one factory.
    • Managing Quality is finding variables that one needs to keep track of in order to make sure products are compliant. Repeating the same process with ease elsewhere is just an added bonus of a QMS.
    • Having a step by step process makes onboarding new factories a welcomed journey, rather than a nightmare.

Quality Management Systems are tools that when used to connect all parties necessary makes everyone’s job easier. Further more they can be a mindset that you can follow proactively. Once it’s second nature, it begins to become a culture that you can help focus to the rest of your company. Sharing this philosophy with your employees then begins to increase the effectiveness of all systems in place. There are definitely more than just three reasons why Quality Management Systems can reduce costs but this is a good start.

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