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Factory Audits

Ensure socially responsible factory conditions and supply chain security. Understand how they operate.

Get the facts about your factory.

It’s important to know your supplier operations as well as you know your product. An audit enables you to confidently choose a supplier that meets your standards for manufacturing and compliance. An audit can also ensure that a supplier would be a good partner long term. It’s a pivotal upfront investment that’s guaranteed pay for itself in savings many times over time.

To get the facts about the factories you work with, we evaluate capabilities, reliability, and compliances, and make sure they meet your standards for manufacturing in every way.

Knowing what your factory is capable of ahead of time can really cut out excess costs in the end. Have you ever wondered if the factory you are dealing with is actually producing the product in their actual factory? Sometimes you have to put all your trust into their word. Visibility at the factory level is difficult to accomplish when you are in your home country. Stop guessing and start knowing! Ask us to send our audit team to make sure your factory is capable of the work they say they are.

Third party random sampling provides with a documented report for your assurance. QA International leads the industry with cutting edge reporting. Our concise, yet detailed sampling reports will provide you with the information you need to maintain control and accountability.

A factory audit truly reveals who you’re buying from.

Our key audit offerings include:

COC: Code of Conduct Audit, also known as a Social Compliance Audit

  • Checks Factory Documentation
  • Confirms Employment Benefits
  • Verifies Factory Social Accountability
  • Validates Safety Efforts
  • And much much more

TQA: Total Quality Assessment

  • On-site Production Visits
  • Confirms QC processes
  • Evaluates Product Storage
  • Understand How Your Factory is Managed

Know the factory you’re working with.

QA International has been a great asset to us, with a U.S. based office making communication super fast and easy.

Michael Averbukh, Quality Manager, ETA Hand2Mind

We are very pleased with QAI’s services – the competitive rates, prompt responses, reliability, and turnaround time is excellent.

Tatiana Strigaro, Quality Assurance & Control, Publishers Clearing House

HQTS QA International has been a trusted and respected partner of ours for over 10 years. Attention to our needs for testing and inspection is second to none.

Brian Schmidt, Quality Manager, Learning Resources