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Audits, Inspections and Testing when and how to utilize them.

At QAI, we recognize the nuanced nature of addressing Compliance and Quality requirements for businesses. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not viable for every company. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have encountered diverse scenarios highlighting the potential pitfalls that can arise unexpectedly. In the realm of production planning, time is […]

Supplier Training, Ten Ways to Benefit Your Company

Supplier training has many benefits when onboarding a new factory. It helps build a stronger working relationship with a supplier who is willing to be trained. In turn it helps you produce better products over the long run. All the while raising the quality of your product in the eyes of the consumer. However, it’s […]

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

3 Ways to Reduce Your QC Costs with Quality Management Systems When running company the bottom line is on the top of every owners mind. The tough times come as do the tough decisions. In our experience we see that quality is usually one of the areas that people look to cut costs. Mandatory compliance […]

The Evolution of Quality Port™

Quality Port™, A Quality Management System for Everyone Since 1993 QA International Ltd. has been receiving and reviewing the information from our Inspection and Testing reports. That is when our headache began. Organizing, sifting, collating, formulating etc…. it can seemingly go on forever. That is why the Founder of QA International Ltd. started on the […]

30 Years and What it Took to Get Here

Our owner helped usher in the age of product compliance. After understanding how to best create a Compliance Program for his at the time clients, he took a risk and bet on himself. 1993 is the year that QAI became a young fresh take on an industry that had grown stale in its ways. Working closely with his contact network he began working all throughout Asia. Teams in countries like Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam were put together in strategically growing cities. Our teams built their Audit and Inspection teams.

Over the next 10 years while our partners grew, we grew. QAI got our feet on the ground in China and the more inspections we did the more requests we garnered for testing. With the foresight to see the next wave about to mix Quality with Compliance, QAI began to set up their first version of Quality Port™. Quality Port was a way for QAI to manage all the data from the inspections and testing they were performing for their customers. in 2001, QAI China opens in order to begin the next phase of growth, Lab Testing.

2003 QAI Partnered with Asian Inspection Services in Pakistan and India. Helmsman Quality & Technology Services (HQTS) form a Sino Joint Venture, QAI China, and open the venture’s first laboratory in HangZhou. Today, this lab concentrates on packaging, glassware, ceramics, natural products, candles, and other giftware-related products. Our company has grown through the requests of our clients and continues to do so this day. In 2004 we reach our first testing lab milestone, our ISTA Certification. 2006 through 2007 we took on Chemical Analysis, Toy and Textile Testing; it’s also when we received our ISO 17025 Certification. Subsequently our Inspection teams became ISO 17020 certified in 2008 as well as our lab becoming CPSC Certified. In 2009 QAI China and Helmsman agree to merge the lab into HQTS-QAI (CPSC Lab #1041). Lastly in 2012, our Lab achieved the milestone of the Chinese Metrology Accreditation

2013 QAI proudly celebrated 20 years. With QAI hitting its stride and HQTS-QAI doing very well, our team made the decision to move to the brand new state-of-the-art 75,000sq.ft. testing facility in the new Sandun district of Hangzhou. in 2015, HQTS-QAI purchased a footwear testing facility in Dongguan in order to reach new markets and continue to expand. 2018,At this point we at QAI had the realization that that we did in the 90’s. Data Management would be the next wave we need to surf in the ever growing digital pool of Compliance. With constant monitoring and reliable information being provided our clients can manage their data from afar. now in 2023 with our 30 year anniversary we plan to bring our new and improved Quality Port™ to all: First time importers, use QP to manage all orders and overtime create statistical reports that paint an accurate picture of your product and supply chain; Long running companies or brands that find it hard to keep the same quality person over time Quality Port can be there to help easily onboard any new QC hire; US Manufacturers that are looking for new ways to organize all the data their internal inspectors gather.

At QAI we are not looking to reinvent the wheel, we are looking to make sure that the wheel never stops spinning. With watchful eyes and boots on the ground let us help you take back control of your supply chain. QAI will provide data that all teams across your products inception to production to receiving product in your warehouse, can use to make the best decisions regarding the quality and safety of your products.

30 Years and still growing, just like this post if I keep writing! Stay tuned for the next exciting updates!

QAI Introduction

First thing is first, Welcome to QAI’s official Blog! We want to provide a few documents for you to download to learn more about us if the site wasn’t enough. As part of our 30 year anniversary we are proud to be rolling out our new Quality Management System, Quality Port™. The “QP” as we […]